About us

About us

/ António Parente

We show our colours through the things we do and the indelible mark we have left over the almost 40 years that the Grupo Madre has been in the market.

This document is the product of a process of reorganising our business group, which is designed to clarify its economic structure through the implementation of specialised strategic business units by means of value creation centres, in order to produce autonomous management by business line. A further aim is to enable us to ensure an increase in competitiveness, guaranteeing the flexibility and dynamism essential to the growth of the Group through selective investments, at all times with controlled risk.

This qualitative leap in the organisation of our group is another change we have implemented with the aim of adjusting our business model to the future, allowing deeper knowledge by business area through sustainable, Customer-oriented corporate governance, boosting the motivation of our employees.

This is a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of the Grupo Madre, which we felt compelled to introduce to this institutional statement despite the uncertain times we are facing due to the unexpected emergence of a devastating pandemic (novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2), which has once again put our capacity to endure and innovate to the test.

We are handling this new phase with responsibility, supported by the experience, dedication and resilience of all those who collaborate with us and who have guaranteed the unity of our corporate culture over the years.

We leave you with this ‘snapshot’, although it is not the most important thing. The main thing is that we still have much to do, motivated by a desire for discovery and to discover ourselves in new projects, both in business areas where we already have experience and in others, where we always arrive with an indominable will to learn and do good, beating a new path. Made by us.

About the
Grupo Madre


Creating value in a sustained manner is a concern inherent to the activities of the Grupo Madre, which range over significant sectors of the domestic economy. This is an authentic mission reflected in the companies, encouraging motivation to achieve competence, with a view to achieving high levels of operating efficiency and excellence and supported by the advancement of Human Resources. Over the course of what is now several decades, the Group has grown organically through the acquisition of national and international business units, to the point of becoming a leading player in the sectors in which it operates. This development has led to the consolidation of brands with strong identities. One of these strands lies in its understanding of its role in society and the advancement of best practice in conservation of the environment and natural resources. The Group is inspired by values of business ethics, a quest for market-oriented customer loyalty and a constant search for new business opportunities, while paying attention to the continuous development of technology and the trends of contemporary society.



A concerted
vision of
the future

When one imagines a group of undertakings, the musical universe is possibly one of the last things that would occur to us. However, music was probably one of the first means of communication, predating the invention of language itself and functioning as a point of connection between humans during the emergence of the first great prehistoric societies. With the concept “A Concerted Vision of the Future”, we have recovered this ancestral connection to communicate the harmony we have achieved within the Grupo Madre. The realm of the concert reveals the common thread running through the different business areas, and the harmony between them. The logo was designed to reflect this harmonisation, with the connection between the letters alluding to the movements of the conductor’s baton and the naturalness with which, with a simple movement, it is possible to create harmony from diversity. A diagonal line was extracted from the base of the logo, which may be subjectively interpreted as a baton, assuming a distinctive role in communication.

A journey in crescendo

El Grupo Madre es extremadamente dinámico y gracias a eso se ha abierto camino en áreas innovadoras en el país, tales como el sector Audiovisual y el de las Energías Alternativas, además, ha ganado una posición importante en el Turismo, un sector clave de la Economía.


Reorganisation of the Grupo Madre
To clarify its company structure, the Group was reorganised according to a rationale of strategic business units, by means of the demerger of MADRE SGPS into five sub-holdings.


Abandonment of Machinery with the sale of SIMI
This company, which became a member of the Group in 1989 and left its mark on major public and private works, both nationally and internationally, ceases to be a member of the Group.


Entry into the fruit cultivation segment with Agrivabe
This project involves the production of red fruits and tropical fruits both for export and for local markets.


Entry into the Health Sector through an interest in Base Holding
The Grupo Madre now forms part of a national representation structure in Medical Imaging, Cardiology and Clinical Analyses. The interest was sold in 2014.


Sale of the Vendap Group
A number of companies leave the Group that, over more than two decades, operated in the area of equipment hire.


Entry into Renewable Energies, with Iberwind
Investment in the increasingly important process of creating alternative energy sources. The interest was sold in 2015.


Acquisition of a qualifying holding in the Impresa Group
Becomes a member of a leading business group, which plays an essential role in the Media, with SIC and Expresso.


Entry into the publishing sector, with acquisition of an interest in Guerra & Paz
Engaging in both the reedition of classics and the publication of contemporary works, the publisher pursues a strategy aimed at forging closer links with its readers.


Entry into the tourism market, with the acquisition of the Adriana Beach Club, now AP Adriana Beach Resort
An investment in the Algarve Region with a resort, from which a complementary range is developed in the AP Hotels & Resorts Group.


Founding of the production company SP Televisão, with a remake of Vila Faia
Geared towards the production of fiction (series and soap operas), the company establishes itself in both the national and international markets.


First harvest of the Quinta de São Sebastião label, in the Lisbon Region
Auspicious launch of the wine from this property, which would consolidate itself as a leading producer in Arruda dos Vinhos.


Sale of Metalruda to the Martifer Group
With little prospect of growth and consolidation in the area of metal manufacturing, the opportunity was taken to divest this business line.


Entry into the audiovisual market, via NBP
Foundation of the industry of the sector. The 60% interest in the company was sold in 2001, and the remaining 40% in 2007, to the Media Capital Group.


Founding of the Madre Grupo
At the time formed by the companies Metalruda and Vendap, and SIMI from 1989, the Group is notable for its operations in different sectors.



The nature of the Grupo Madre’s activities leaves some member companies of the Group subject to public scrutiny, examples being the hotel, audiovisual and wine industries. To date, SP Televisão alone has accumulated around three dozen prizes, and 108 nominations, in various categories at both national and international level.

Vitality, dynamism and customer orientation have led to the AP Hotels & Resorts Group receiving a notable series of prizes, awarded by bodies of great credibility, at home and abroad, in particular for its actions in conserving the environment and natural resources.

In turn, this year, Quinta de São Sebastião won one of the world’s most prestigious prizes at the Vinalies contest, in France.


Gold Medal, in the category Telenovela, for Terra Brava at the 21st WORLD MEDIA FESTIVAL and Silver Medal for Nazaré.


Gold Medal at the Berliner 2020 Contest for QSS Rare.


Vinalies Contest Prize (Paris) for Best Red Wine in the World for Quinta de S. Sebastião Reserva 2015.


The same Group received the Green Key Award, awarded by the European Blue Flag Association for best environmental practice.


Award for “Best Hotel Chain” at the IX Algarve Travel Awards by EC Travel for the AP Hotels & Resorts Group.


Gold Medal, in the category Telenovela, for Alma e Coração, at the 20th WORLD MEDIA FESTIVAL.


Bronze Medal, in the category Telenovela, for Vidas Opostas at the 8th New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards and at the 40th BANFF WORLD MEDIA FESTIVAL – The Rockie Awards, in the category Serials, Soaps & Telenovelas.


Bronze Medal, in the category Telenovela, for Amor Maior, from the New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards.


Gold and Bronze Medals, in the category Telenovela, for Coração d’Ouro from the New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards.


Gold Medal Challenge International du Vin France for Quinta de S. Sebastião Grande Escolha Touriga Nacional 2012.


Rating of 90 (on a scale of 1 to 100) by the critic Robert Parker (published on the website The Wine Advocates) for the wines Quinta de S. Sebastião Grande Escolha 2008 and Quinta de S. Sebastião Reserva 2009.


International Emmy for Laços de Sangue, in the category Telenovela, from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.